Below is a PDF version of the Volume 8.3 of New York University Journal of Law & Liberty.


Articles and Notes

Redistribution  Within Collective Organizations - Richard Epstein

Criminal Law as Regulation - Rachel S. Barkow

Between Formalism and Conservatism: The Resurgent Legal Formalism of the Roberts Court - Ofer Raban

alt : Raban.pdf

A Legal History of National Security Law and Individual Rights in the United States - Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

When Enough is Enough: Location Tracking, Mosaic Theory, and Machine Learning - Steven M. Bellovin, Renee M. Hutchins, Tony Jebara, and Sebastian Zimmeck

Ampersand, Tornillo, and Citizens United: The First Amendment, Corporate Speech, and the NLRB - Harry G. Hutchinson

The Rational Basis Test Violates Due Process - Andrew Ward

alt : Ward.pdf